Podcast: Tylenol After Surgery is Useless; CVS Sued for Selling Homeopathic 'Remedies'

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Will Tylenol alleviate severe pain? It will not, yet patients are routinely given the drug after major surgery. Thank your congressman for such insanity. Meanwhile, the drug store conglomerate CVS displays real pain relievers right next to useless homeopathic "remedies." A lawsuit could put an end to that dubious marketing practice.

Join host Cameron English as he sits down Dr. Josh Bloom to break down these stories on Episode 36 of the Science Dispatch podcast:

The Center For Inquiry, a non-profit group with a similar mindset to ACSH, has filed lawsuits against Walmart and CVS for putting homeopathic "remedies" on shelves next to actual over-the-counter drugs – as if to suggest that they are of equal effectiveness. They are not. Such a placement is unethical at best and maybe even fraudulent. Here's why.

When government, politicians, and law enforcement take control of the practice of medicine this is what we get: Cruelty and incompetence. The next time you're given Tylenol for a broken leg or post-surgical pain you'll understand.



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