Podcast: U.S. Senators Don't Understand Opioid Use (or Math); Body Parts for Sale?

By Cameron English and Josh Bloom and Barbara Billauer — Nov 22, 2023
If you need further evidence that politicians don't understand the fentanyl crisis they helped to create, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has you covered. Meanwhile, we already sell some body fluids in select circumstances; will the day come when we sell body parts to the highest bidder?
Image by 12138562 via Pixabay

Join host Cameron English, Dr. Josh Bloom and Dr. Barbara Billauer as they break down these stories on Episode 56 of the Science Dispatch podcast:





The BS that has been put out by the anti-opioid zealots has been more than bad enough. Then West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin joined the fray, taking it to a new level. Disgusting.

The EU is about to ban the sale of body fluids, including breast milk, sperm, blood, and other “substances of human origin” (SoHO). Some argue this will decrease supply. Others claim the regulation protects human dignity. Who’s right? And how do we decide?

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