The Media and I: The Need to Boost Vaccination Rates

Lars Larson and I discussed on-air the declining rates of vaccination, as reported by both the World Health Organization and in FDA Commissioner Robert Califf's recent article about a potential tipping point in U.S. vaccinations.

We spoke at length about the public's eroded trust in public health “institutions” due to their actions and inactions -- perceived and real -- during the pandemic. Larson questioned whether the medical community acknowledged its role in the issue, suggesting that a full mea culpa was necessary to rebuild trust. I offered that misinformation and disinformation about vaccines -- in particular, the COVID vaccines -- was an important factor.

Our discussion shifted to potential remedies. I advocated for robust advertising campaigns/Public Service Announcements, such as the on-air advertisement aimed at ending child hunger that preceded our conversation.  I stressed the importance of Public Service Announcements featuring influential figures -- for example, a Super Bowl ad with prominent individuals, like Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey, President Biden, and former President Trump, getting vaccinated. However, Larson expressed reservations about the credibility of public figures in these campaigns.

Our conversation highlighted the complex challenges surrounding declining vaccination rates, the importance of rebuilding public trust in the medical community, and combating disinformation about vaccines.


You can find the complete audio of our conversation here.

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