12 Days of ACSH Christmas

On the First Day of Christmas, ACSH gave to me... The End of the NRDC On the Second Day of Christmas, ACSH gave to me... Two Killer Coffees On the Third Day of Christmas, ACSH gave to me... Three French Fries On the Fourth Day of Christmas, ACSH gave to me... Four Science Quacks
Standing on the doorstep of 2017, we can only wonder which anti-science voices will be the loudest next year, as we consider how best to debunk their anti-science messages.
'Twas The Night Before Christmas, ACSH-style ... 
Do you "hold the fries?" You might want to if your pants buttons start blowing off. But don't do so because of a deep-fried, phony chemical scare: acrylamide. 
In June, we were besieged with headlines stating that hot drinks cause cancer. It was all due to a letter from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the same letter that overturned its long-standing claim that coffee causes cancer. The bottom line: IARC is confusing. So this holiday season, go ahead and have your coffee -- as hot as you like it.