12 Days of ACSH Christmas

On the First Day of Christmas, ACSH gave to me... The End of the NRDC

On the Second Day of Christmas, ACSH gave to me... Two Killer Coffees

On the Third Day of Christmas, ACSH gave to me... Three French Fries

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, ACSH gave to me... Four Science Quacks

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, ACSH gave to me......

Standing on the doorstep of 2017, we can only wonder which anti-science voices will be the loudest next year, as we consider how best to debunk their anti-science messages... 

We were skeptical of the appointment of Mark Bittman to the faculty of Columbia's School of Public Health last month. This esteemed position will, undoubtedly resurrect his message from its death last year when he left The New York Times. Since leaving his position, we have had a brief respite from hearing the importance of eating vegan and labeling of GMOs. Mr. Bittman (not Dr. Mark Bittman, nor Mark Bittman, Ph.D.) is not only unqualified for such an esteemed appointment (one that academics spend their entire career working toward) but, his prescriptive views on food are simply not obtainable...

'Twas 9 days 'til Christmas and all through this joint
The accountant was asking again, "What's the point?
Anti-science hippies are running amok
Real science takes too much money, we're fresh out of luck

"The cash is in doomsday, gloom and despair
Yes, we're pro-science, yes, it's not fair
But the public has spoken, their interest is small
That's how the free market works, after all

"Maybe shade tree, holistic or BPA-free
That might get presents under our tree
Endorse more organic, enjoy a juice cleanse
Say vaccines are bad, it could make us new friends"

I felt so dejected, my heart had no glee
I was so mopey I could work at EWG
Or Greenpeace or Fenton or for that Null guy
Maybe I could even...

It is nothing short of amazing that we are still alive, or at the very least, don't all have cancer.

Because if even a fraction of the phony chemical scares that we write about almost every day were real, there'd be no one left alive to read what our dead writers didn't write. Whatever the hell that means.

An oldie, but goody refuses to go away. It is called acrylamide, which is formed during baking or frying of bread, chips, cookies, cereal, and — most notoriously — French fries

The chemical also occurs naturally (no—this does *not* matter) in a variety of vegetables,...

Sometimes, things just don't make sense. Recommendations on what causes cancer should not be one of them. However, most major news outlets ran headlines this past June claiming that "hot drinks probably cause cancer" based on a letter that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) published in the Lancet.

But, when you take a minute, (before we all start drinking our coffee lukewarm) and take a look into the letter, it becomes apparent that there is no science that supports this statement.

The majority of the letter is concerned with whether coffee causes cancer or not (it doesn't.) The last time that coffee was reviewed by IARC was in 1991, when it was classified as “...