There is nothing more effective for treating acute pain than opioids, said University of Washington pharmacology professor Charles Chavkin at a recent discussion on the "next generation" of pain therapeutics hosted by Life Science Washington in Se
President Trump has convened a panel to address America's opioid epidemic. Its first mission should be to find convincing data to identify the actual cause(s) of the problem.
Since “fake news” seems to be the catch all buzz worthy expression of the moment, we also don’t need to look very far to find common medical falsehoods that tend to originate from the Hollywood stratosphere.
Babies inside the womb, as they exit and once out into the world —especially if breastfed—are influenced to varying degrees by their mother’s exposures, albeit illicit or prescription drug intake, food ingestion or smoking, to name a few.
And, so it begins.   With yesterday’s release by The Daily Mail of Anthony Weiner’s alleged entry into a rehab facility for the treatment of sex addiction, the media headlines ignited.
My pregnant mom - while caring for her ill father - got a call her grandfather died.  She started to shake uncontrollably as her water broke.  Shortly thereafter, out I came  - nearly a month before I was due.
With medical letters and the general health of the U.S. Presidential candidates being the big topic of discussion last week, we were all treated to analyses of issues like blood clots and BMI and other topics.
The term that best describes the opioid addiction predicament in the United States is not appropriate for publication.