Mission creep occurs when there is continue growth in a project’s goals; often involving additional features adding cost and complexity.

The high cost of prescription drugs is a source of universal frustration.

In addition to being a source of universal frustration, the high cost of drugs is a public relations nightmare for health systems and the much maligned pharmaceutical industry.

In an ironic but exceedingly fortunate twist of fate, American Heart Association (AHA) President and interventional cardiologist John Warner, M.D. hours after

Once again, the echo chamber nature of press releases serves to promote misleading science and health clickbait.  This time it is with headlines like “Tobacco, but not pot, boosts early stroke risk.” 

Carrie Fisher’s tragic death after last week’s inflight medical emergency is sadly an all too familiar occurrence.  In fact, upt

With the evidence already established regarding known upticks of cardiac deaths (aka heart-related) on Christmas and New Year’s, a new study seeks to elucidate if winter is a main culprit.  

All you have to do currently to encounter an influx of negativity and persistent “what ifs” or anxiety is turn to social media or any news outlet.  This pervasive, chronic theme—no matter where you fall on the political spectrum—has been ever

The arbitrary nature of many school requirements always baffles me.  Cancel soft pretzel day out of caloric concern, but permit pie bake sales.  Have your doctor independently complete a formal asthma action plan in addition to the entir

A study by the UK National Cardiac Arrest Audit (NCAA) echoes previous global data that hospital survival is reduced for those admitted on weekends and at night. (1)