Andrew Wakefield

Far too many scientific papers are being retracted from prestigious scientific journals because scientists fabricated or falsified data. Although no one defends scientific fraud, few recognize its long-lasting impacts on governmental policy and society.
Andrew Wakefield, the godfather of the modern anti-vaccine movement, is spreading disinformation about the COVID vaccine, falsely claiming that the mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna are a form of genetic engineering. Like all good liars, he mixes a tiny bit of truth into a sea of lies.
Like Pig-Pen from Peanuts, a cloud of filth follows Andrew Wakefield wherever he goes. Vaccine exemptions have soared 1900% in Texas since he moved there. Now, he's trying to get anti-vaccine politicians elected.
Here we go again ... the anti-vaccine movie VAXXED by Andrew Wakefield, is back. This time at the Cannes Film Festival, taking place this week. Like an itch, this piece of anti-vaccine propaganda just won't go away. And it's resurfacing as we're seeing a surge in cases of measles and other preventable diseases all over the world. 
More vaccinations mean fewer people are getting preventable diseases. But 2016 was a year filled with the fervor of the anti-vaxxer movement. And alarmingly, that dangerous zeal for stopping this effective public health measure, which helps save the lives of children, looks like it is ramping up as we head into 2017. 
As the anti-vaccine movement garnered Hollywood momentum, science stood largely silent. However, Dr. Paul Offit, inventor of the Rotavirus vaccine, took to the helm to fight for children's health and safety. Here's an informative conversation with a true expert in the field. 
Amidst the talks at the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics annual conference this December will be a session on "vaccines and autism." Chiropractors performing spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) on children and babies is bad enough - by including the session on vaccines and autism at the conference, they are offering children a one - two punch. Now babies that are getting their backs cracked will have whooping cough, too.
Every time I think that this nightmare might be over, he's back in the news. This time, the rights to the former doctor's 2010 book have recently been acquired, and I fear my nightmare is going to become a Hollywood film. Why are Wakefield's supporters so effective at getting their message out than those on the side of science? In response, what do we need to do?
This year, our country has seen the highest incidence of measles 16 outbreaks and almost 500 reported cases since the year 2000 when the infection was declared eradicated in the
This week's wrap highlights the latest findings on the relationship between saturated fat and cardiovascular health, our shout-out to ACSH friend Michael Shaw for his knowledge and writings on the infamous Andrew Wakefield scandal, and why an astounding number of Americans believe medical conspiracy theories!