Not only did Americans vote on members of Congress this week, but citizens of several states also voted on various science- and health-related policy issues. How did those turn out?
Count vodka maker Smirnoff among the latest companies to jump aboard the anti-science bandwagon.
Several years ago, when I was still at RealClearScience, I had the misfortune of meeting some people who worked for the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).
Europe is not a particularly friendly place to be a biologist. Sure, Europeans believe in evolution, but that's about it. Vaccines and GMOs? Not so much.
Microbiologists and toxicologists are quite familiar with the Ames test. It is literally textbook science that is taught to students all over the world.
Being anti-GMO is the biotech equivalent of being anti-vaccine.
Imagine sinking your teeth into a nice, juicy hamburger. Then, imagine being told that the hamburger isn't made from beef after all. Instead, it's entirely vegetarian. Impossible, right? Soy burgers are nasty.
Do-gooders in America, typically of the Millennial variety, think of themselves as smarter, more worldly, and far better informed than you. They are woke. You are not.
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