During a recent monologue Bill Maher instructed America on the importance of knowledge. He's right, of course, but the talkshow host is a rather imperfect messenger: Listening to him is like receiving a lecture from Bill Clinton or Donald Trump on the importance of marital fidelity. Maher's political viewpoint was illuminating, but probably not in the way he had hoped.
Just when you thought that chiropractors focus solely on back pain, think again. Didn't you know that their degree makes them experts on everything -- even nutrition and vaccinations?! Just check out these Halloween tips from Lakeland Chiropractic, a Michigan practice, if you want some trickery to go with your kid's candy collection. 
The international protest "March Against Monsanto" was never based on truth. The movement perpetuated myths about GMOs to demonize a company that has a really bad PR department. But now that Bayer is buying out Monsanto, what is MAM to do? It's now promoting everything from anti-vaxxer propaganda to historical conspiracy theories.