Is it possible to ever persuade the politically-polarized segment of the vaccine-resistant population to take the jab – thereby avoi
In 1768 Russia (and most of Europe) faced a devastating smallpox epidemic.  They didn’t have vaccines then, but there was knowledge of a forerunner called inoculation (or variolation), where pus is taken from a smallpox patient and injected i
The case presents a panoply of legal and ethical issues – pitting divorced parents against each other, their child, the state, and the child’s doctors.
News that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was scheduled to appear on FOX News's show "Tucker Carlson Tonight" this week raised concerns among those of us who follow the anti-vaccine movement closely.
In an effort to halt what some pediatricians are calling a rising tide in vaccine hesitancy, the American Academy of Pediatrics have released a statement urging states to crack down on parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.