antibiotic development

Shionogi just purchased Qpex. When I inquired about this, the Qpex folks told me that Shionogi is a company truly committed to the antibiotics space. What I found was truly inspiring! This is a real feel-good story! How often does that happen for antibiotics?
The U.S. dithers, Europe ponders and the extinction of life-saving antibiotics continues apace.
Are there methods that can be employed to ensure the commercial success of antibiotic biotech? ACSH advisor Dr. David Shlaes has his doubts.
Dr. David Shlaes' primary expertise is in bacterial infections and antibiotics. So it's not surprising that our ACSH advisor is wondering about secondary bacterial infections from coronavirus infections. Will there be antibiotics to combat the infections this time? How about next time?
In the world of antibiotics, stewardship means using drugs carefully to preserve what still works. Antibiotic R&D is the path to new antibiotics, which will (by necessity) result in a drug company (gasp!) making money. Some say that the two are mutually exclusive. ACSH advisor Dr. David Shlaes (pictured) argues otherwise.
When it comes to antibiotic research, what does the word "innovation" mean? It's a bit different for antibiotics. Dr. David Shlaes argues that a difference in clinical utility is a better measure, even when a new drug or combination of drugs may be structurally similar to older drugs. This, from his blog "Antibiotics, the Perfect Storm."
The development of new antibiotics is as much about money as it is about science. ACSH advisor Dr. David Shlaes writes about biotechs, IPOs, disappointed investors, market cap, and CEO egos.