Things aren’t always what they seem.  Why should this colloquialism be any different in the medical realm?

Incidental findings are rather commonplace.  Meaning:  When exploring one diagnostic avenue for a symptom, another existing often more significant issue presents itself unrelated to the initial event.

This is exactly what has been reported by the Japanese Society of Neuropathology.  In a recent published case report, the authors describe an adolescent female who—while undergoing an emergency surgery for appendicitis— was discovered to have large, bilateral, mostly cystic ovarian masses (aka tumors).  

Three months later they were removed.  The mature cystic teratoma of her ovary...

SurgeonGenlNewsIn today s JAMA, a group of Finnish researchers published the results of their randomized, prospectively controlled study attempting to determine if acute appendicitis can be treated non-surgically: with antibiotics and observation.

Appendicitis strikes about 300,000 Americans each year; almost ten percent of us will eventually have surgery (appendectomy) for this condition.

At least, that has been the case until now.

Several prior...