The Centers for Disease Control says that the “American food supply is among the safest in the world.” But a read of some recent news reports about toxic metals in baby food may have you feeling somewhat concerned. So what's really the state of the supermarket aisle? Let's take a closer look.
In a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, sisters Kim and Kourtney take some tests to figure out which one of them is healthier: Kourtney, who is strictly gluten-free, or Kim, who eats everything in moderation. 
The FDA is now proposing new limits for arsenic in babies' rice cereal — 100 parts per billion. But of the samples now on the market that the agency tested, most were at, or very close to, that level already. So will the new regulation have any health effect? We doubt it.
One of our primary missions at ACSH is to inform people about risk, in particular, about theoretical or minuscule risks vs. real ones.
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More non-news on arsenic and rice In today s Let s Worry About Nothing news, there is a story that will either make people feel better, worse, or simply confused about a non-problem tiny amounts of arsenic in rice.
The FDA is at it again, this time with a proposal on acceptable levels of arsenic