FDA proposes limit on arsenic in apple juice

By ACSH Staff — Jul 15, 2013
The FDA is at it again, this time with a proposal on acceptable levels of arsenic

apple juice

The FDA is at it again, this time with a proposal on acceptable levels of arsenic in apple juice. And the reason arsenic is being brought up now? Well, definitely not from the field of sound science. Instead, the FDA seems to be responding to a segment that aired two years ago on The Dr. Oz Show, where the great and powerful Oz criticized levels as being too high. What he failed to say in his segment is that there s a difference between the inorganic and organic (completely harmless) forms of arsenic.

The tests that were used as the basis for conclusions about apple juice on the Dr. Oz show failed to distinguish between the two types of arsenic, and therefore are not appropriate for use in determining the safety of these products. In fact, tests done by the FDA found that apple juice was safe, and most apple juice products actually contain levels of arsenic below even the suggested new standards.

That s not to say that we here at ACSH are even behind these new standards though. ACSH s Dr. Gilbert Ross says, These standards are completely unnecessary. The current arsenic levels pose no threat to human health. The FDA has even admitted that these new standards are a response to consumer concerns, which I take to mean they decided to react to the Oz-generated hysteria. This is simply generating more needless fear in a market where consumers are already frightened by sensation-seeking scare groups dedicated to avoiding sound science to promote their agendas.

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