artificial flavors

When the natural vs. processed food debate gets going (as if it ever stopped) one of a number of foods inevitably gets brought into the conversation. Take your choice. Twinkies? For sure. Are they food? Let's save that for another day.

Never let it be said that we at ACSH aren't at the forefront of indispensable science and medical news. Here's an item that all other science organizations badly missed. They can eat our dust.

Sorry, Marbury and Madison, get out of the way. Miranda, you are warned. Brown and the Topeka Board of Education, sorry, but you can take Roe and Wade with you on your path to legal oblivion. More than 250 years of U.S.

Organic chemicals can be divided into broad categories – let's call them "flavors" – based on what functional groups they possess.

Ocean Spray, the company that makes several popular cranberry juice drinks, is battling a class-action lawsuit brought by two plaintiffs who claim to be representing just about every living, breathing human in the United States1.

The American Council on Science and Health, since 1978 America's premiere pro-science consumer advocacy non-profit, is pleased to announce our new book, "Natural and Artificial Flavors: What's the Difference?", in order to combat growing confusion