Join hosts Cameron English and Dr. Chuck Dinerstein as they break down these stories on Episode 46 of the Science Dispatch podcast:

The world of chemical scares is a bit like a perpetual horse race, usually with the same tired old horses –various chemicals – in the same race.

Did you ever take a sip of a Diet Coke and have it taste like death (1)? Not at all sweet. Kind of sour-metallic-motor oil-rotting corpse-tasting?

The headline promises information about a "NEW LANDMARK STUDY" linking aspartame consumption to lymphoma and leukemia in humans. Now that's a global crisis if I ever heard one!

bananas Bananas give you AIDS? Photo credit: Deviant Art.

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Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.26.24 PMIn just a few days, Diet Pepsi will no longer contain the artificial