Australia plans to turn e-cigarettes into prescription drugs and will ban people from buying them without a doctor’s prescription. Vaping retailers publicly vow they will move to the underground. We have seen this prohibition movie before. It doesn’t have a happy ending.
Oscar Wilde believed “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” After viewing the accompanying video animation of the anatomical relationships of Pectoralis Major and Minor created by Dr. Raf Ratinam, we became truly inspired. 
Two Australian manufacturers have developed an anti-viral prophylactic that it will be available to Olympic athletes. Ansell, the world's second biggest condom maker, in teaming up with the Starpharma, maker of the anti-viral agent, says its product provides "near-complete" protection against the mosquito-spread Zika virus. But unfortunately, while the effort sounds worthwhile, it's essentially just window dressing for a major health concern that's gripped a jittery public.
Earlier this week we wrote about Australia s proposed no jab, no pay policy in which Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that those who do not vaccinate their children will be denied child welfare benefits. The story has caused quite a stir in global politics and we asked for you, our
A bipartisan coalition of Aussie lawmakers, led by P.M. Tony Abbott, has proposed that financial penalties be levied on parents who fail to get their children vaccinated against viral contagions
Genetically-engineered (biotech, GMO) crops are increasingly being utilized by farmers worldwide, with major benefits to them, and to consumers as well. One crop not being so developed: GMO wheat. Why is there none planted nor on the horizon?