bacterial contamination

The sleazy world of dietary supplements is hardly confined to the United States. In Japan, more than 100 people were sickened – and at least five died – after consuming a ridiculous product called Benikoji Choleste, aka red rice yeast. How can such a dangerous supplement be sold? The following should sound quite familiar.
Blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Blah! You'd think this wretched ritual would have disappeared long ago, especially once Covid made its appearance. But people are still doing it. Furthermore, the science to determine whether this practice can make you sick is faulty. Have a strong stomach.
It s common knowledge that a doctor s hands should be cleaned with either a disinfectant gel or soap and water between patients, but now we have learned that their stethoscopes are also likely to carry a significant number of disease-causing bacteria. A recently published study in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings found that doctors equipment may be nearly as contaminated as their hands.