China is catching up with the rest of the advanced world economically and technologically.
Though only one of them still exists, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World -- such as the Colossus of Rhodes and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon -- transcend space and time.
The Trump Administration issued two executive orders relating to biomedical science in recent days. The first involved the regulation of biotechnology products, and the second involved transparency in healthcare costs.
The New York Times has done something that it very rarely does: It wrote an editorial in support of biotechnology.
I recently testified to the USDA about food labels for products made using animal cell culture techniques. The testimony is below.
The Breakthrough Dialogue is an annual meeting of a politically diverse group of scientists, professors, journalists, think-tankers, and others who discuss technological solutions to environmental and social problems*.
Newsweek s recent cover story puts it bluntly: YOU ARE TOTALLY
Mark Lynas has had a long history of anti-GMO activism, sometimes in affiliation with well-known anti-s