There is little as fascinating as maternal-fetal physiology, given that pregnancy itself is the most well-designed suspension system in the world. Add to this complexity the dynamic nature of birth.
For royal fans everywhere, great joy was delivered as news circled the globe Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's baby boy was born.
A Patheos blog is suggesting the Ten Month Mamas Facebook Group that supports “well co
There is a lot of chatter whenever a larger baby is born and exceeds a hospital’s record. The media storm that follows, social and mainstream, makes for the viral nature of the images.
The so-called “fourth trimester” is a catchy name being used to focus on the first three months of a baby’s life after birth and mom’s postpartum period.
Get the latest news on the costly Hepatitis C drug, why C-sections have skyrocketed in numbers, and the real reason behind the lack of research on antibiotic research