body fat

Will "Adiposity-Based Chronic Disease" change personal behavior, the way the term "obesity" could not? Two scientific associations that made the switch hope it will.
Copper, that darling of gourmet chefs, is great for cookware but not so effective for arthritis sufferers. But eventually it may actually help promote fat breakdown in the body — if, that is, the results of a new study can be replicated.
In an entry on the Well New York Times blog, Jane Brody cogently describes the origins and uses (and misuses) of the Body Mass Index or BMI (body weight divided by the square of height).
Falling levels of testosterone are often blamed for some of the changes middle-aged men may see, such as larger waistlines, smaller muscles and decreased sex-drive.
People burdened with extra body fat know all too well that one size doesn t fit all especially when it comes to weight loss. Many are hoping, though, that today s rapidly progressing research on the genetics of obesity will produce a one-size-fits-all approach to slimming down their bulging curves. But as exciting as this research is, the unfortunate reality is that most overweight people won t be able to squeeze a solution out of it. Source Notes: (From Priorities Vol. 8, No. 2, 1996)