The benefits of breastfeeding for a mom include quicker recovery from delivery and, according to a new study, less risk of developing diabetes. Also, both white and black women seemed to benefit, and the longer the duration of lactation the stronger the link.
Dr. Phillipe Grandjean has a long and well-deserved reputation of being in the forefront of "toxic terror" campaigns. He has launched anxieties about all sorts of fish in our diets, but now he has become a devotee of warning nursing mothers about--of all things--potentially toxic chemicals in breast milk.
If there s anything that strikes fear into the hearts of new mothers, it is the thought of harming their newborns by taking a medication that might get into their breast milk and affect their babies. But a new report by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which was published online in the August 26th journal Pediatrics should put many new moms at ease.
Although most breast-feeding women would be aghast at the thought of taking drugs that could affect their babies, many are doing just that.