After a four-hour hearing, California lawmakers approved Senate Bill 277, which prevents most exemptions (opting out) for parents trying to avoid vaccinating their children due to personal beliefs. The bill was proposed in the wake of the Disneyland measles outbreak that began in December. The final vote on the bill was 6-2. However, it must pass through several more hearings before a possible Senate floor vote, and then go through the state Assembly, and then to Gov. Jerry Brown (whose vaccine beliefs are
Earlier this month, we covered a measles outbreak that began in Disneyland, where nine cases of the disease were confirmed. Now, the outbreak is continuing to spread across California, as 59 cases of measles have been
According to the California Department of Public Health, the state s recent pertussis outbreak is the worst in the past 70 years. From January 1st November 26th, 2014, 9,935 cases of pertussis were reported: an incidence of 26 cases per 100,000, over ten percent higher than the epidemic in 2010.
Catch the latest news on increasing rates of whooping cough in CA, what's holding up GM technology in some areas of the world and why you should stay away from Chikungunya- the mosquito-borne disease you probably haven't heard of
Dr. Norman Borlaug is praised by President Obama, and in a letter to Norman s granddaughter, POTUS sings the praises as well of agricultural biotechnology GMOs to keep on with Borlaug s fight to feed a hungry world.
Few regions of California have escaped the malign influence of the months-old droughts. Lake of the Woods, a small mountain town,
A weekend retail therapy session turned into an ACSH topic when Director of Video Production Ana Simovska came across a California-made wallet with a Proposition 65 warning. Dr. Josh Bloom debunks the junk in the above video.