cancer detection

Detecting cancer before it spreads remains one of the priorities of cancer research field. So while we wait for new cancer treatments to be developed, some think that early detection is the new horizon. A new paper in Science presents an improved blood test, known as CancerSEEK.
Platelets, minuscule white blood cells that are crucial for normal blood clotting, may be useful as an early screening test for lung cancer — thus possibly avoiding the necessity of extensive surgery and long-term treatments. An innovative use of so-called Tumor-Educated Platelets seems potentially valuable for the early detection of lung cancer, and maybe for other cancers as well.
It was a bad week for medical ethics. First, Martin Shkreli and his company Turing raised the price of a generic drug for Toxoplasmosis 50 fold simply because he could. Now a California company is selling an unapproved diagnostic test kit for early detection of cancer by claiming that it is not a diagnostic kit after all.
It's a little too soon to celebrate, but scientists in the U.K. may have come up with a new method -- a simple blood test -- that could radically revolutionize the early detection of cancer.