cancer research

Once in a while, a light bulb goes on, and a theory that turns medical knowledge on its head is born. Could this be one of those times? A group at Cambridge just published a study on the mechanism of cancer metastasis, which could fundamentally change how the spread of cancer is viewed. Here's what they discovered.
Despite having yet to save the life of a mouse, an Israeli company is making grandiose pronouncements. However, if you look beyond the hype the medical approach is actually pretty interesting.
John LaMattina, the former head of R&D at Pfizer, tackles a timely and important topic in his Forbes piece today: What is the best way to do oncology research? And, can it save money as well as lives?
Modern clinical research has turned to harnessing a patient s own immune system to block the proliferation of cancer cells. The
By far, the major thrust of pharmaceutical research at this time is aimed at cancer. In 2102, a record eleven oncology drugs were approved by the FDA. Unfortunately, most advances have been incremental, and cures for most previously incurable cancers remain elusive.
Clinton Leaf, author of The Truth in Small Doses: Why We re Losing the War on Cancer