carcinogenic chemicals

One of our challenges at ACSH is trying to inform the public about assessing relative risk. Most people are terrible at doing this. They worry about flying but drive while texting.

A recent article in the New York Times discussed potential risks from some of the inks (and other ingredients) used to create tattoos, which now festoon the s

Once in a while (just for yuks) I'll write about some of the hideous chemicals that we chemists have to use now and then despite the fact that they are not only a pain in the a##, but also mighty dangerous.

As I've written many times before, plants do not exist to serve humans. They exist so they can exist. In order to do so, they become factories for all kinds of toxic chemicals to ward off whatever varmint is in the mood to eat them.

You can go organic, or 'all natural' or non-GMO or even vegan, but what you can't do this holiday season, is avoid all the chemicals in your holiday dinner!