Stents, the bread and butter of cardiology, are put into place to keep an otherwise clogged artery open. But a new study from The Lancet questions whether those tiny wire mesh tubes are as useful as previously thought.
With the evidence already established regarding known upticks of cardiac (or heart-related) deaths around Christmas and New Year’s, a new study seeks to elucidate if winter is a main culprit.
The arbitrary nature of many school requirements can be baffling. Cancel soft pretzel day out of caloric concern, but permit pie bake sales. Our public demands organic food in lunchrooms, but providing the skills necessary to intervene on a choking victim produces silence. We think, CPR training should be mandatory in schools.
With more data identifying poorer outcomes of in-hospital cardiac arrest on nights and weekends, as opposed to weekday daytimes, here are further causes and ways to advocate for yourself or a loved one.
In an op-ed in the NYTimes, a cardiologist bemoans the unintended consequences of state-mandated report cards designed to evaluate care by individual practitioners. He shows how these reports, created to enhance transparency, do the opposite and harm patients and doctors.