For those few of you who don't know, April 8th is Dog Farting Awareness Day. If ACSH doesn't spread awareness of this vital event, our mission is sadly gone. But fear not. If this doesn't get us back on track, then nothing will.
Chatbots – trainable software applications capable of conducting intelligent, informed conversations with users – have tremendous potential for vast societal benefits but also tremendous mischief. We are at the earliest stage of the learning curve.
As humans march toward creating more sophisticated robotics, computers, and AI technology, the question has always lurked: Are these techno-devices human? Will they ever be? 
A perceptive reader wrote, noting that I repeated a fictitious quotation of Francis Bacon. ChatGPT has been around for only a few months, and it seems I have already been fooled.
Artificial Intelligence, or AI, including those large language systems (e.g., ChatGPT), is gaining much traction. When “teaching for the test,” one system passed the U.S. Medical License Exam – a three-component test that's required in order to earn an MD degree. Will doctors be among the first white-collar (white-coat?) workers to be replaced by automation?
ChatGPT is a recently released artificial intelligence chatbot that has soared to international prominence through its ability to conduct conversations and write on various topics using a variety of styles. I asked ChatGPT to respond to two related questions on the issue of global warming.