If you've already read this recent story on the CNN news site, perhaps it's not too late to get back the deposit on the casket you

I believe that we can learn much from nature; after all, it has had millions of years to perfect its ways; even if they are not perfect, they work very well in our current world.

Anyone who looks at our Facebook account knows that Thom Golab, our President, really, really loves coffee – how else to explain so many memes? Coffee is alternatively a good or bad food depending upon the study and the day of the week.

There is a gender gap in pay, but are there reasons for the disparity not solely because of the employee’s gender?

Although it is difficult to come up with many benefits from an unprecedented deadly global pandemic, there is one, albeit mostly inconsequential nugget that we junk science chasers at ACSH should at least acknowledge.

California's Proposition 65, which began its miserable life as The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, now has little to do with safe water or safe anything else.

I wrote the other day about genetic variations in the metabolism of alcohol in the Asian populations that result in flushing and discomfort very shortly after drinking.

If there is a more studied food or beverage than coffee I sure can't think of it. Here are some of the health claims you'll find sprinkled around the Internet - prevention or treatment of: