There aren't many things today that unite both sides of the political aisle, but leave it to some environmental activists to achieve the impossible. There's bipartisan opposition to a proposed Colorado law that would severely curtail fracking in the state.
With the law and the public's attitude relaxing toward marijuana, people are opening up about their smoking habits. Surveying those 18 and older in Colorado, the CDC learned that the occupational group it categorized as "art-design-entertainment-sports-media" is the state's top cannabis consumer. Which profession smoked the least? Here's the answer ... 
Polls are closed and the election results are in regarding the proposals to tax sugary beverages in Berkeley and San Francisco. The verdict? Well, you win some, you lose some.
California s Proposition 37 and Washington s Initiative 522 previously failed at the ballot box, and now Oregon and Colorado will soon be voting on their own GMO-labeling laws Oregon s Measure 92, and Colorado s Initiative 105.
A Colorado court this past week declared that state law is responsible for regulating the oil and gas industry, including the technology of hydraulic fracturing of shale
Colorado's Gov. Hickenlooper and the Environmental Defense Fund worked together with some industry reps to craft tough new restriction on fracking-related methane leaks. Is everybody happy? No. But compromise worked and the beneficiaries are the people of Colorado: a classic win-win.