K2, a dangerous synthetic cannabinoid product – also known as spice, synthetic marijuana, legal weed or fake weed – is wreaking havoc in Illinois and hospitalizing dozens.   In Illinois, synthetic cannabinoids have killed two and hospitalized fifty-six for extreme bleeding. This toll is expected to rise. Believing they are like "pot" or "marijuana" is the public's first mistake.
A new, genetically engineered drug that counteracts non-coumadin, anti-clotting agents has passed some safety and efficacy tests. If future research confirms the results of a recent study, it may well remove one of the major drawbacks to the use of these newer anti-clotting agents.
Questions were raised about Hillary Clinton's health after a recent public dizzying episode. Her doctor released a "summary update" on the presidential candidate's health, "since the release of [her] previous medical statement in July 2015." What does this letter mean?  Not everything and not nothing.