Inspired by Rachel Carson s anti-science book Silent Spring, the ban on the chemical DDT has cost countless lives through an upsurge in malaria. (DDT is used to control mosquito populations, which spread the disease).
As the global health community works to increase access to malaria treatment and prevention measures, two significant obstacles are becoming increasingly serious.
Today marks the fifth anniversary of World Malaria Day an initiative started by the World Heal
Although malaria-related deaths have been declining, a new report in The Lancet puts a damper on this good news, suggesting that the decline is
Malaria is still one of the leading causes of death in sub-Saharan Africa, but great progress is being made.
Last month, we reported on a study by Drs. Donald Roberts and Richard Tren of Africa Fighting Malaria on the life-saving anti-malaria benefits of DDT spraying.
A new report which can be found here makes a devastating and overwhelming case that DDT spraying can save hundreds of thousands of lives every year and that UN and other NGO opposition to it is, as A
The underlying science used by a coalition of global public health groups to promote the restriction and ultimate banning of DDT use for eradication of malaria is false, dangerous and misguided, a new study published in the journal Research
While the World Health Organization (WHO) reported yesterday that confirmed malaria cases in 11 African nations dropped by more than fifty