If you were to ask people who have been to a dermatologist what those medical specialists do, many would probably say something like, “they give you cream for an itchy rash or acne,” or “freeze spots on your skin to remove them.” But the diagnosis
Health care is consolidating. The big mergers, like CVS-Aetna or Cigna and Express Scripts, garner headlines but do not be distracted.
You may have noticed a number of headlines referencing the “Tree Man” from Bangladesh with claims he is “cured” after 16 operations for his rare genetic disorder that transformed his hands and feet into bark-like warts and cutaneous horns.
It's now almost one year to the day that the Food and Drug Administration publicly recommended that teenagers be prevented from using tanning beds.
Did you know Bob Marley died of melanoma?  Or, that Jimmy Carter was recently ‘cured’ of metastatic melanoma?  Many misperceptions abound with respect to skin cancer —specifically melanoma, so we will address them here in this two part s