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Even though the following paragraph doesn't appear to have much to do with delta-8 THC, an isomer of delta THC, the primary intoxicant of marijuana, keep reading; it will. 
Just what pain patients didn't need: Another useless substitute for real pain medication.
There's a disturbing item in the news from Japan where at least five people have died (more likely to follow) of kidney fa
Given the pandemic, returning to work out of the office, the constant drumbeat of a dysfunctional federal government, and a world that appears increasingly unstable, it is no wonder we all feel a bit fatigued.
For years I've written extensively about the fraud perpetrated against the American people by the dietary supplement industry, and here are three pieces, for example: 
It's time for a rant, and apple cider vinegar (ACV) – one of today's supplement darlings gets the spotlight.
If you're done sorting Skittles – be careful, they cause cancer but only if you eat them in California
I'm not a big fan of TV ads for drugs. They are cloying and sickening, and that's even before you're bombarded by the cyclone of side effects at the end.
I recently wrote about the frequent failures of the "peer-review" system for vetting scientific articles before their publica