Dr. Jamie Wells

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently released a 2017 draft recommendation statement on screening for prostate cancer which is based on systematic evidence review and assessment— updated from their prior 2012 version. As indicated by the authors’ viewpoint published in JAMA, the goal of this release is to raise awareness of newly acquired data on the topic while inviting review and commentary before the report is officially finalized. (1)

Because there was concern that universal PSA (aka prostate-specific antigen, a blood test) population screening often...

Legendary, Emmy-winning Fox TV anchor, Ernie Anastos -- who just had a day named after him by the mayor of New York City-- kicks off his new television show with this "Doctors on Call" segment.

Here, in the first installment of the recurring series, he had urologic oncologist and robotic surgeon Dr. David Samadi and me, ACSH's Director of Medicine, to answer viewer medical-related questions. 

We brought practical answers to viewer questions that ranged widely from acupuncture to sexual health.


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of traveling to Washington, DC to film on set at Al Jazeera for a live television program that engaged a global discussion on sickle cell anemia, its perils and the advances in gene therapy that are showing great promise for this genetic disease. 

The host of the program is Femi Oke and the digital co-host is Malika Bilal (pictured with me). Questions were fielded from around the world utilizing various social media platforms as the show was not only streamed live on The Stream and Al Jazeera English television, but is re-aired on Al Jazeera media networks worldwide.

You can check it out above...