Concussions are a major concern among athletes and it is imperative that individuals receive appropriate medical attention in the event of a
The supplement industry, an industry which we have written about numerous times, is a $30 billion industry, with more than half of Americans taking some form of supplement. However, as David Seres, ACSH friend and
A recent Internet search for bee pollen turned up over two million hits so this is obviously a very popular substance. But why are people consuming something that is basically a food for bee larvae? Might have something to do with marketing.
In a hard-hitting essay just published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Pieter Cohen of Harvard Medical School points out the health and safety deficits of the Dietary Supplements Health and Education (DSHEA) Act of 1994.
We ve said repeatedly that the Dietary Supplements Health Education Act (DSHEA) passed in 1994 put consumers at risk from unregulated or under-regulated supplements. The latest study confirming that opinion was just published in BMC Medicine.