Let’s begin with a quick definition, a nature prescription is a recommendation to a patient to “spend a fixed amount of time a week in a natural setting, such as a park.” It is most frequently an adjunctive treatment, perhaps like “you need to los
The study looks at "walkability" – how conducive your neighborhood is to walking around.
Most non-communicable diseases have multifactorial causes, making it difficult to tease out the impact of just one factor, in this case, physical activity.
We are going to be at home for a while, and those not working at home face hours of free time. And let's be real; you can only fill so many hours on social media or newscasts before the incessant words of hope and doom catch up with you.
Of course, anyone that has used these measures will tell you that at some point, the weight doesn’t continue to be lost, we plateau, and our bodies adjust to their new circumstances.
One leg of the three-legged stool of medical advice is exercise. The other two, watch what you eat, it’s variant, watch between-meal treats, and make sure you get the right amount of sleep.
We all need to participate in physical activity to improve our general health and functioning.
Two recent studies form the dots of a worthwhile story. First, a report of independence and mobility after hip fractures; second, a study on exercise to prevent falls.
There is little doubt that sedentary behavior is bad for your health. Many people claim that “sitting is the new smoking,” even though the two are not really comparable.
Anyone interested in building muscle knows that adequate (or perhaps more than adequate) dietary protein (plus exercise, of course) is crucial.