flu vaccine

If you haven t gotten your flu shot yet, here s another reason you should consider heading out to the doctor s office or the nearest pharmacy. According to a meta-analysis conducted by researchers at the
As the federal government shuts down, some CDC and FDA functions will be compromised, and some threat to public health may arise. A JAMA op-ed piece approves of vaccination OR masks for healthcare workers. We disapprove.
As we brace ourselves for flu season this year, and once again begin the push for the flu vaccination, here s some news about vaccination rates last season. According to the CDC, about 57 percent of children ages 6 months through 17 years were
Flu season is quickly approaching and with its impending arrival comes the argument of whether or not it should be mandatory for healthcare workers to be vaccinated.
As back-to-school time rolls around, parents should be thinking of more than finding the best backpacks and lunch boxes.