A new high-dose vaccine against the flu shows evidence of significantly enhanced efficacy for older people. If the CDC vaccine committee agrees, it will become part of the routine program for seniors, and many lives may be saved.
New York City s Board of Health has voted to make flu shots mandatory for preschoolers and daycare admittance. This is set to affect about 150,000 kids. Exemptions, however, look like they ll be readily available. So, if the point is protecting kids and their families, will it really make a difference?
Last year s flu season raised more controversy than usual about the use and utility of the flu vaccine. The degree of protection (about 60%) was on the low side, leading many to question whether it was even worth being vaccinated. Another related question that arose was whether more is better. In other words, if one dose gives moderate protection, would doubling the dose provide more? What about a fourfold increased dose?
A very large retrospective analysis performed by researchers affiliated with Kaiser-Permanente Northern California (KPNC) has confirmed what numerous prior studies have shown: there is no discernible link between influenza vaccine and the neurological condition, Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS).