What does formaldehyde in baby shampoo have to do with a recent recall of a specialized laundry detergent? The failure to appreciate the need for preservatives in consumer products.  
In April, the EPA published its draft Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) Toxicological Review of Formaldehyde (inhalation), a 192-page document. The publication of this document raises issues that go far beyond the health effects of formaldehyde, issues concerning science, policy, the role of our scientific agencies, and the potential overreach of government regulatory authority.  
When it comes to cooking, olive oil takes the cake for nutrition, flavor, and healthy fats. So it makes sense that someone would find a reason to hate it; it's the anti-science way, after all! Internet rumors swirl about the low smoke point of olive oil and claims that reaching it is potentially toxic to your health. It isn't true, and here's why.    
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention singled out Lumber Liquidators after it found that the retailer's laminate wood flooring products from China carried a greater risk of causing cancer and other health problems than previously thought. Though formaldehyde is natural, it is produced in our bodies and is in many foods, at high levels it is dangerous. Anti-science groups like Natural Resources Defense Council made a big to-d0 about it, without acknowledging that 3 times 0 is still zero, so Ivey DeJesus at PennLive asked the Council's Senior Director of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr. Josh Bloom for science insight.
Jennifer Sass of the NRDC takes issue with the evil empire known as Lumber Liquidators, claiming the company plays Russian Roulette with the health and well-being of our children by selling formaldehyde-spewing laminate flooring. Unfortunately, she cites flawed methodology, delivering only an alarmist rant.
A non-scientist thinks he has discovered that GMOs contain formaldehyde.
Fear of chemicals (chemophobia): superstitious, baseless, energy- and resources-draining. Thankfully, an occasional voice of tranquility amidst hysteria appears. Thanks, Dr. Joe (and Boo, Sen. Feinstein!).
Is chemophobia the fear of chemicals promoted by the forces of ignorance among the majority of Americans who are scientifically-naive on the threshold of winning the war? The past week gives disturbing indications that science is on the retreat.
A new report in the New England Journal of Medicine seems to show worrisome levels of formaldehyde in e-cig vapor. These findings are as technically flawed as Big Tobacco s smoking machine data from last century.
Here is ACSH's official list of this year's top 10 scares
This is what happens when you let your health advice column be taken over by an environmental writer. This week s Science section of the New York Times included an advisory about