The Bible of science – the body of peer-reviewed literature – is increasingly filled with dubious and even fraudulent research. Most academics openly recognize the threat this poses to scientific progress, though viable solutions to academic fraud are sorely lacking. How do we address this critical problem?
"Doctor" Thomas Cowan, who claimed that 5G caused the coronavirus, isn't surrendering his medical license because he's learned his lesson. Instead, he's watched how other quacks have become millionaires and plans to follow in their footsteps.
A statistical test suggests that several countries are misreporting or fabricating COVID case numbers. The United States is included among those countries. Is there another explanation?
The FDA's current regulatory framework is out of whack -- and it comes at the expense of patient safety. The Wild West of "stem cell" clinics continues. This time, patients are hospitalized with blood infections to spinal abscesses.
The organic industry is built upon a gigantic lie. It's the notion that "natural" farming methods are safer and healthier while "unnatural" methods are dangerous. It should surprise no one, therefore, that such a deceptive industry would attract its fair share of hucksters.
An international team of medical experts recently published a global call to action in an effort to curb the unethical, unsubstantiated use of stem-cell based therapies driving medical tourism. When greed trumps science, we all lose. 
Food fraud is outrageously common. In the UK, horse meat was sold as beef, and in China, rat meat was sold as lamb. Now, Malaysian researchers have detected buffalo meat in "beef" frankfurters.
A team of chemists demonstrated that they can identify the true animal source of leather goods by examining collagen. This technique could be enormously useful for investigating cases in which counterfeit leather goods are suspected.
In an effort to clamp down on counterfeit food, a research group in Italy has devised a chemical test to help determine the authenticity of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. This is according to a report published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
Compounding pharmacies are part of a Justice Dept. probe for healthcare fraud. One involves Aspire Rx, which makes a pain cream called Rx Pro that's promoted by Favre, the former NFL great. The investigation comes amidst a backdrop of recent hazardous practices that have led to many deaths and a range of disabilities.
Federal and Minnesota law enforcement authorities swept numerous chiropractic offices in a widespread investigation of fraudulent practices, which include over-billing and the staging of auto accidents. We take the opportunity to counsel against using chiropractic services for any reason.
We ve written before on scientific fraud and the problem of how easy it is to get papers with fake or manipulated data published. These studies that somehow make it through the publishing process can range from relatively harmless, such as the deliberately faked chocolate is good for weight loss study,