The case in question concerned Gilead’s drug Tenofovir, widely prescribed for the treatment of HIV and Hepatitis B.

“Whether a duty exists is a question of law to be resolved by the court.”

On Wednesday April 29th the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 532 points on news that Gilead's remdesivir demonstrated a “clear-cut positive effect" in treating COVID.

Does it make any sense to use an antibiotic like this?

Pricing a new drug is not an easy task, Gilead who is producing remdesivir is no stranger to pricing controversy, the release of Solvaldi, their drug to cure Hepatitis C, had a list price of $84,000 for a full treatment course.

Six weeks of endless speculation, guessing, second-guessing, ups, and downs about whether the world would have its first effective coronavirus drug has been exhausting. I see the damn molecule in my sleep.

If there is a single company that tops the "no good deed goes unpunished" contest I would pick Gilead Sciences. By a mile.

Having spent a decade (of pure futility) in hepatitis C (HCV) research in my former career, I have spent a fair amount of time since then writing about the astounding progress made over a 25-year period.

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