Global Climate Change

ChatGPT is a recently released artificial intelligence chatbot that has soared to international prominence through its ability to conduct conversations and write on various topics using a variety of styles. I asked ChatGPT to respond to two related questions on the issue of global warming.
Implementation of proposed fossil-fuel restrictions aimed at mitigating unhealthy climate change could weaken the global economic system, increase the incidence of poverty-related illness worldwide and fail to affect climate. So concludes a panel of scientists and physicians in a groundbreaking report, Global Climate Change and Human Health, released today by the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH).
A Position Paper of The American Council on Science and Health According to some forecasters, adverse impacts on the health of the human population may result from anthropogenic (human-induced) climate change specifically, rises in the average temperature of the Earth's surface due to human actions that increase atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse (heat-trapping) gases.