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Critical Economic Theory (CET) is taught at every business school in the country, but usually under the terms micro and macroeconomics. In any event, it is a lens to view issues.

You may have recently read about a teacher who was hospitalized and treated in Texas with four stents for an often fatal type of heart attack.

It is very hard to view health insurers and their actions through an altruistic and caring lens when one of their own simply cannot stop making bad policy.

Piggybacking on du jour terminology like “social determinants of health” don’t make privacy erosions by insurance carriers more legitimate or less fraught with ethical conundrums.

Media headlines have run amok over the so-called “stunning admission” obtained during a deposition of a former Aetna medical director whose job was to author

Arthritis treatmentsAn op-ed in today s New York Times by an internist affiliated with the NYU School o