hearing loss

Hearing loss, frequently due to exposure to loud noises, is a significant health problem. Its biological underpinning may well be due to what we consider a trace mineral: zinc.
Restaurants provide more than food and drink; they serve a social function, allowing friends to get together over a shared meal. Although as we age, ambient sound may make hearing one another increasingly difficult in this setting. Welcome to the Lombard Effect.
President Biden is proposing that hearing aids be a covered expense under Medicare. Some Medicare Advantage policies cover it. It's time to pull some information together, my fellow citizen-scientists, to help inform our thinking.
Various degrees of hearing loss affect 70% of those adults over 70. It certainly contracts the “audio-world” we live in, but that is, unfortunately, just the tip of the disability iceberg.
Tinnitus (aka ringing in the ears) is a problem that affects tens of millions of Americans. It's a strange affliction in several ways. First, many people have it but don't notice it. When they do, it can become deeply disturbing. Second, the ringing or whistling you hear is coming from your brain. Dr. Craig Kasper, a New York audiologist, tells us about this condition. See if it rings true.
Balance is an intricate “dance” of multiple sensory inputs. But what happens when one of them stops working as well as it should? As it turns out, hearing loss has unanticipated consequences.
Ask yourself this: How often do you think about your ability to hear? Or this: How much would you, or your loved ones, be affected if your hearing was diminished, or lost completely? Not a pretty picture, so learn here how to best protect this incredible gift.  
An untreated iron deficiency could lead to various health problems, one being Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA). Now, researchers have discovered IDA itself could be linked to another potential problem — hearing loss. 
A new device for severe hearing impairment has just been FDA-approved, a cochlear implant for sensorineural hearing loss, a common and often disabling condition.