high blood pressure

Although most of us may not be aware of it, hypertension (HTN) is the most common condition seen in primary care situations, and is a major risk factor for heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and death. Over the past twenty years, the definition of HTN as in how high it must be to warrant treatment has gradually been lowered by successive conclaves of experts.....
A new scientific statement in the journal Stroke, published by the American Heart Association (in concert with the American Stroke
It s well-known that hypertension is a strong risk factor for stroke and other cardiovascular ills, but it is a silent condition in most and may not be diagnosed and treated appropriately.
Vitamin D seems to be the vitamin du jour as various studies have linked it to benefits not only for bone strength, but also to a wide range of ills including cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.
Hypertension, or high blood pressure (HPB), is many things: very common and more so as we age; a key risk factor for all types of cardiovascular diseases, the most frequent killer of Americans (and Europeans); easily detectable and treatable.