In a story that speaks for itself, King Bio has issued a voluntary nationwide recall out of “an abundance of caution” of thirty-two kids and infant products that could be contaminated
Complementary medicine (CM) runs the gamut in its healing claims from offering authentic stress relieving massage and well-meaning, but expensive placebo to outright spurious declarations.
Dietary supplement use, albeit nutritional products or alternative medicines, is a very lucrative industry that is for the most part riddled with overly auspicious claims in support of the notion they are a panacea.
Sometimes, a study serves to uncover something completely unknown before. However, many times, it confirms something that we already suspected to be true.
Homeopathic treatments can be bought almost everywhere. They're the ones that are likely labeled as "natural remedies" and have pictures of grass or leaves on them.
When I think of Switzerland, I think of secret bank accounts, the Alps, chocolate, and high-end watches.
Homeopathic products look just like the medicines they are placed next to on the shelves. However, when it comes to how these products are made - they are vastly different.
The myth that "natural is better" is widespread and pernicious. Though it can manifest in relatively harmless ways (e.g., consuming overpriced organic food), the relentless pursuit of all-things natural can be dangerous or even deadly.
A lot of alternative medicine sounds reasonable enough.