hydraulic fracturing

The US government s most comprehensive examination of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and drinking water, which spanned four years, concluded that fracking, as it is being carried out and regulated, is not a threat to drinking water.
The Obama administration issued rules for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) on federal land on Friday, which were met with criticism from both sides of the issue.
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After putting off the decision during his self-imposed four-year moratorium, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that New York will ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking). New York is now the first state with significant natural gas resources to ban fracking.
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The controversy surrounding the use of hydraulic fracturing fracking continues to make headlines. Last week, we highlighted an op-ed written by upstate Republican Congressman Chris Collins calling upon Gov. Andrew Cuomo to end the moratorium on fracking in New York. On the
New York State Congressman calls upon Gov. Cuomo to free our economy from the chains of his ill-advised moratorium on shale gas extraction: fracking. Why shouldn t New Yorkers reap the same benefits as all those other states?
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A town in Texas voted to ban fracking shale-fracturing for entrapped gas and other fossil fuels and the fractavists are having a field day. Fortunately for our energy needs and economy, this symbolic win is Pyrrhic.