influenza vaccination

Hospital data show that the largest shares of COVID infections and deaths have been to the unvaccinated, about whom we have little personal information. The media has interviewed a few individuals, but large-scale demographic data are needed for a better understanding. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may provide some insight.
Ah, for the old times, when our biggest fear was seasonal flu. Roughly 80% of healthcare workers get vaccinated, more the docs and nurses, less the aides. Where it is required, the vaccination rate rises to 90%. [1] Those not getting vaccinated are doing harm, as a new study shows.
A recent report in the journal The Lancet Respiratory Medicine provides some surprising information about who might spread influenza.
If you haven t gotten your flu shot yet, here s another reason you should consider heading out to the doctor s office or the nearest pharmacy. According to a meta-analysis conducted by researchers at the