Jenny McCarthy

As the anti-vaccine movement garnered Hollywood momentum, science stood largely silent. However, Dr. Paul Offit, inventor of the Rotavirus vaccine, took to the helm to fight for children's health and safety. Here's an informative conversation with a true expert in the field. 
t s been a rough month for Jenny McCarthy. Following her backpedaling op-ed in the April 12th Chicago Sun-Times she has taken considerable heat for stating that she has never been anti-vaccine, as well as suggesting an alternative vaccination schedule based on her feelings. We at ACSH approached this from a different angle in a Dispatch item last week, where we asked why should anyone care in the least what a former model has to say about immunology.
It would seem that Jenny McCarthy has been expanding and refining her knowledge base in the field of immunology. After being ardently anti-vaccine for years (and doing who knows how much damage during that time), she now maintains that she is pro-vaccine, but ¦
We have made it pretty clear that we don't agree with Jenny McCarthy about vaccines. When it comes to vaccines, she has used her celebrity status inappropriately as she has been an advocate for anti-vaccine rhetoric without having the medical qualifications to do so.
It s nice to know that there are others out there who are presenting ACSH s opinion